Friday, August 20, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love - Fall Look #1

Sweater: Rozae Nichols Striped Cardigan

Dress: Rozae Nichols Patchwork Dress Midnight

Bag: Foley + Corinna City Tote

Shoes: H by Hudson Alba Calf Grey

Noelle is wearing my favorate outfit right now gathered from our first batch of Fall 2010 shipments. Eat, Pray, Love is so over pluged but I did it anyways because this outfit totally coensides with the beautiful Elle September editorial with Julia Robers that we just got in the store. AND it is a good book!


polka dot said...

LOVE these shots, Christi!

I agree: a friend sent me the book years ago and I just couldn't read it, I found the author.. I felt like, hey, I already know where you're going with the lessons you will learn, but in the meantime, I find you self involved and kind of smug. Altho I'm sure our gal Julia will give the character heart and a generous spirit, which the author seemed to lack.

But which you have, in spades! Thought of you recently and remembered I hadn't 'visited'. So much to catch up on, it's all good. xo

Marty said...

So Rad is all I can say about these photos and Cristi Silva. Nice posting for sure. Of course I share your inspiration by this talented designer, Rozae Nichols' comeback with her new line. The porducts are amazing and also we are so happy that the are selling like crazy at our store Blue Bee in Santa Barbara. Also, we love the News, her new showroom! It's so refreshing during these challenging times to have such a refreshing style in the store. Thanks Rozae! You rock!