Friday, August 27, 2010

Kill City in Vogue - Blue Bee has that Tee

Kill City's Water Short Sleeve tee is featured in September Issue of Vogue, worn by Artist Ryan McNamara. Where do you get that RAD tee? Blue Bee of course.

Founder Drew in 1979 entered the punk rock scene where he found his unique style and sense of self. Kill City is a line for those who do not wear flip flops and board shorts. It is a line for sophisticated, musically driven people who rock a style all their own!

Kill City Men's denim is also creating quite a buzz. Featured in WWD's Project review, Rolling Stone, and Nylon Guys just to name a few, the Junkie and Mod jeans are not a fashion force to be reckoned with. The Mod is a casual straight leg cut adorned with Kill City's wicked washes, an awesome denim for the been there, done that guy. The Junkie is a sleek, super skinny cut with a cool 9 inch rise and is at the hex of fashions radical trends. Don't be scared......

Are you ready to wear Kill City?

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The Photodiarist said...

Haven't been by in a while! Missed your photos and your style.