Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miracle Icons - Something for the Soul

In the beginning stages 10 years ago, Miracle Icons Owner and self taught Jewelry Designer, Mary Jo Pane responded to the world around her by offering support and love through a gift .... charm of St. Anthony. Beginning Mary Jo's expression of her belief in miracles and spiritual strength.

. “I see a lot of commercial junk, and so it’s always refreshing to come across a vendor who really has thought carefully about their intent and design,” says W Accessories Market Editor Beitressa Mandelbaum, who first featured Miracle Icons in the magazine’s June 2009 issue. “I think there’s always a need in the market for a strong fashion accessory, but it’s great when you can mix that aesthetic with something subtle and personal.”

Miracle Icons is now Blue Bee's most sought after jewelry for Men both in our Santa Barbara Store as well as Online. ASKMEN.COM comments on Miracle Icons uniqueness and what it brings to men's fashion and jewelry

"The Evil Eye Bracelet is rooted in a centuries-old belief that the talisman can ward off stares of envy that bring bad luck. Combined with wooden Buddha beads, it’s like wearing a box of Lucky Charms on your wrist. Fortunately, this spiritual pairing actually looks good and you don’t have to dig through a bucket of trinkets at some flea market to get your hands on it. Like the one-of-a-kind find at a bazaar, creations from Miracle Icons aren’t mass produced."

It is nothing short of a miracle that this New York woman's need to help and support those around her has turned in to a Jewelry line with a cult following, changed lives, soothed souls and seen on the wrists of Hard working Joe's to Rock Stars on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Quoted from Miracle Icons website bio: “It’s for people who are looking for something to make them feel good, better, protected, in touch, whatever it may be.”

Mary Jo is truly one of the sweetest and supportive women I have come to know over the web through Blue Bee. I invite you to read her story on the Miracle Icons website and check out what Blue Bee has to offer for both Men and Women. Her Jewelry is definitely more than trendy adornment, it is truly an expression of belief in love.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --A. Einstein


Marty said...

Cristi, what a beautiful post. Miracle Icons and Mary Jo Pane are very special to a lot of people, and definitely to everyone at Blue Bee. Thank you for honoring her on your blog. xoxoxo

MJP1953 said...

WOW!!! You have made my day and brought tears of joy to my eyes...

Thank you,

Mary Jo Pane/Miracle Icons

Cristi Silva said...

Dude! We all just had a huge moment here at the office. You have truely moved us!

The Photodiarist said...

GORGEOUS photograph.