Tuesday, August 17, 2010

H by Hudson - Fall Boots that Make The End of Summer Exciting

H by Hudson for Women

Always Recycle!

H by Hudson for Men

Summer is ending.

Summer does not end with out sunscreen exploding in my bag,

A good book I need to finish reading,

Evening time in the garage when it is still light outside crushing Diet Coke cans from Sunday's BBQ.

Summer is OFFICIALLY OVER for me when the new fall shoes start rolling in, and this year I can not tell you HOW EXCITED I AM to wear these beautiful H by Hudson boots with a warm sweater and my favorite scarf sipping coffee with the biggest smile on my face.

Produced in 1990 the creators of Hudson Shoes, seasoned by making shoes in Italy, set their sights on creating shoes that pioneer a fresh new look that has not been seen before. In 2004 H by Hudson was born and has been cultivating a following ever since. With in just a decade, Hudson has accued many accolades and yet still looks forward.

H by Hudson is the rebelious designers strecth to tweek the trends and litteraly keep us on our toes.....well not LITTERALY, REALLY.(but it sounded good right!)

They describe it as an "eclectic product mix" I call it "my new favorate boots"


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