Thursday, August 26, 2010

Essentials of Fashion for Fall 2010

Noelle is wearing: 7 for All Mankind Ginger Lightweight Mercer, Splendid Sheer Cardigan, Knot pocket Tee, and a Splendid Striped Scarf

Jason is wearing: 7 for All Mankind Slimmy Chester in Row, Splendid Mills Charcoal Rugby Stripe V tee, 7 for All Mankind Utility Canvas Jacket Concrete

As Fall 2010 is just around the corner you HAVE to get the essentials! And here is my take on what everyone should have ready to wear:

Women - Long Layering pieces, Stripes, Pattern mixing and Wide Leg Trousers.

Men - Utility Jacket, Skinny Straight leg jeans, V neck tees and Military Inspired boots.

I have a feeling that this Fall is going to be a RAD one!

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Marty said...

Okay, get ready guys and girls - Blue Bee Jeans and Blue Bee Men are hosting 7 for all Mankind and Splendid show are throwing a combo event/party including, but not limited to a great gift bag, buy one get one half off, great food from Los Arroyos, and the best of all - free Margaritas! (yes, we have rented a Margarita machine for the day) So stop by Saturday and partake in the festivities. Blue Bee is one of the few 7 for all Mankind Premiere 7 stores that feature their fashion and denim in a major way. Also, Blue Bee has sold Splendid since the dawn of time (well almost) and one of the best selections allowed by law! :) Great fashion, Big fun, Good times!