Wednesday, June 30, 2010

G - Shock Watches: Art meets Tecnology

So, What do you think of when you first hear the word "G - Shock"? I think of 7th Grade, when I got my first G - Shock Watch. I think of Color, Design, and Sports. What I Don't Think of is words like "Atomic Timekeeping" or "Floating Modual" or "Ice Resistant"

"G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer's dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life"

Some how this tough, unbreakable watch has hammered it's way into the fashion world. Casio G - Shock has teamed up with In4mation, Play Cloths and Their newest Venture is with New York Designers Dee & Ricky Jackson.

G Shock also
supports a wide range of passions by sponsoring athletes like Surfers Joel Centeio and Gabe King. They also get their feet wet with artists like photographer Andey Mueller and sponsor a gallery showing of his work in awesome places like our neighbors at Fred Segal in Santa Monica.

Blue Bee has gone through the thousands of styles and features offered from Casio G Shock and picked out the raddest styles and features that support what our customers want. From the 6900 to the G Baby, the Rescue to the FNDTN Exclusive. Enjoy our FAVORITES

Time is unstoppable....and so is G Shock!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fashion Obsessed.

Let's be honest.... I go through at least 5 outfits before I leave the house.

I LOVE the smell of a RAD new tee shirt....a handbag....the ink in a fresh pair of jeans.....

The only reason I wash my clothes is so that I can wear them all over again......

I have too many magazines.....and I can't throw them would be throwing away inspiration.

and what I LOVE the most is sharing all these passions and love for the art fashion with you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Joe's Jeans Summer 2010

Joe's Jeans keeps us captivated by their perfect tailored fits and now their lifestyle designer pieces the Shirt and the T.

BY FAR the most sought after for Joes Women's Denim cuts are the Honey and the Provacateur. Many jean companies try to mimic the Honey's contoured waist band and fit through the butt and thighs but no one can compare to the original "booty jean". Petite jeans are the same, I brought my mom in Blue Bee Jeans to find her the perfect pair of jeans for her 5' 2" height. She tried on about 7 different jeans, and the the Provacateur won.

For Men' the Brixton is by far the best cut and biggest seller both online and at Blue Bee Men. It pretends to be trendy but it really is a classic cut that is one of the most versatile Denim we have for Men. The buyers picked the 6 best washes in the Brixton: Carter, Gauge, Jakob, Kieran and the most popular for a few years now the King. The King is King!

Joe's Jeans fashion pieces such as the Shirt and The T for both Men and Women have really impressed me. I love them! I bought more than one style and have picked that over some of the UBBER popular labels that we carry. Not because of price but the look better on and the garment's quality seems to be better.

IN summery Joe's Jeans really has an amazing complete collection this Summer 2010. Definitely worth taking a look at! We like to have fun dressed head to toe in Joe's!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Men Wear Short Sleeve Shirts






Men's Summer Short Sleeve Tee's, V - Necks, Polo's and Printed Tee's are now at


Hope you all had fun looking at the photos as much as I had taking them! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Alice + Olivia : Girl Power Tour

We just receive a huge bundle of beautiful pieces at Blue Bee from Alice + Olivia. Sequins, Silk, Flance, Dresses, Panels, Splatters, Metallic, Layers, Leather and all jam packed with Girl Power.

Zoe is wearing the Alice + Olivia Long Black Metallic Tank, Drape Skirt in Taupe, and balanced out with the Piper Button Down in Black.

While I would love to ramble on about how rad her clothes are I want to focus on something even MORE RAD!! Stacey Bendet not only makes beautiful clothes but she does beautiful things.

If you have not heard already Alice + Olivia is on tour with a trio of women who are on a mission to boost self esteem to ladies all over the country. To help them see the true inner beauty and bring out their outer beauty in a way that these women have not had the opportunity to do so before. Here is an example of their journey:

"The girls were chosen from Kristi House. It was truly an honor to meet them. Their stories of such strength and determination to live happy lives despite what might have happened to them inspired all of us. "

"To get to makeover these girls and help them see themselves for who they really are, beautiful, strong young women with bright futures ahead of them was the best thing ever. Their families and friends came with them and took pictures of the girls like paparazzi! "


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thinking Outside the Garment Bag - My Dad is Rad!

One of my Dad's friends pulled me aside one day quite a while back and told me something that has always stuck with me. He said.......

" Cris, If I were in the middle of the ocean on a sinking ship with no hope in sight I would absolutely panic and know that I was a gonner. If I was on a sinking ship with Tommy, I would know that I would be OK, we would live and I would never loose hope"

My Dad is the strongest man I know. He is a man who is unafraid to show a softer, funnier and carefree side. He is a total goof ball!

I know this because he has pulled me from the drag of a sinking ship, he has won many watermelon seed spitting battles with me, we have cried from happiness, together we have out fished all the other boats in Avila Cove, eaten like men, glared at competition with a smile on our lips, We have Cleaned my Room Together, sat and not have to say anything at all, EXPLAINED MATH TO ME OVER AND OVER AND OVER, I have driven him MAD and in response he lets me know the payback I receive with my own son, we have sat at the bow of the boat and shared an entire package of Oreos, we have wept in sadness, He has been strong enough to let me fail, and Even stronger enough to tell me when I have succeeded.

I am so thankful for my family and today I get to acknowledge my Dad! THANK YOU FOR THE ALL THE HOPE LOVE AND HELP YOU HAVE GIVEN ME TO COMPASS MY WAY THROUGH THE "SEA" OF LIFE!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Shorts - Unbearably HOT

Last Summer seemed to be layed back, eclectic, full of peace and love.

Well......that was last year.

Summer Style for 2010 seems to be shorter, hotter, faster and better. For Work, Evening or Play... Short Shorts seemed to be everywhere! I mean..... a 2 inch inseam.....that's hot.

Crochet pockets hanging out long (like the 7 for All Mankind Boyfriend shorts)True Religion cut-offs to Frankie B Ziggy Zip's, and Joe's Jeans Military Cargo cut off Shorts. Thankfully for ladies such as my self who opt for a little leg, Page Premium Denim and Hudson were kind enough to produce some amazing denim Bermudas.

With all that leg showing you might need to add some millage to those getaway sticks!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Creative Recreation Summer 2010

I am wearing the Creative Recreation Milano Hi Red

Creative Recreation is a growing shoe company that is blowing up quicker that you can tie your shoes. With the introduction of their Italian Collection line they have once again raised the bar from below the radar trendy sneakers to Fashion Footwear.

Creative Recreation's leading shoe is their Classic Cesario, and Cesario Lo with the Velcro flap on the front of the shoe that can be seen on the feet of Celebrity's such as Adrian Grenier, Matt Czuchry and Ryan Kwanten.

I have also seen them in the recent Nylon and Lucky magazines (I can not WAIT to get the women's line in!) and with Fathers Day just around the corner I see Creative Rec's in the news and online EVERYWHERE as the perfect gift for the RAD DAD!

So we are joining the Cr8tive Party here at and offering 20% off all Creative Recreation until June 21st. Just Enter Promo Code: CRR617

Dad will be proud that you saved a few bucks this Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Splendid - Summer Layering

Noelle from Blue Bee Jeans is wearing: Splendid Whisper Top in Citrus, Supima Long Tank in Carbon, Crinkle Acid Leggings in Graphite, and Loeffler Randal Perferated Pump

If you have ever lived in Southern California you know all about layering. The fog rolls in the sun comes out and then in the evening the wind picks up all at a moment's notice. The land of layering. I don't leave the house with out at least 3 layers on........AT LEAST!

So Why wouldn't Splendid have a Layering Program? Founder and Designer Moise Emquies graduated from a California Law school in 1992. Waiting for the Bar Exam results he decided to help his friend with her tee shirt company to pass the time. Smart! So he started studying about fabric, cut, and design. Even Smarter!

So he gets his results, passed, and works for a law firm. But he really wants to be a designer. SO following his passion he begins his first tee shirt company. SPLENDID! well Splendid is not really his first company, it was Leopold.

And there you have it, an awesome tee shirt company with an in house lawyer from California that understands what layering is all about! Splendid Clothing is durable enough to with sand my hassle free/ no fuss washings, soft enough to feel as fancy as silk, and always ahead of the trend game.

Doesn't get better than that! "Mosie! We all thank you for following your passions and dreams!"

Check out all the New Splendid Summer 2010 Styles at Blue Bee!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Star USA John Varvatos Spring 2010 - Tee's and Denim for Men

Men are beginning to care about how they look, who they are wearing, and why they are wearing it.

John Varvatos Star USA line has a grip of tee's, polo's, and v-necks that we totally believe in. They are tailored to perfection, color pallet carefully chosen, and feel like a vacation in Cabo when you put them on.

If you care about detail Star USA Tee's have unique stitching through out the cut of the tee that not only makes for a nice line, it says " I pay attention", " I care ", and you need to be taken seriously.

Jean's and a Tee: My classic favorite for a guy!

Our women's model Zoe introduced us to Jason(model above). These are shots from Tuesday...... or Wednesday(I honestly can not remember) where we ran around with in a block of Blue Bee rockin' the different cuts of the John Varvatos Tees. I am so thankful he is a natural because I really had nothing to say or direction to give. I am definitely going to work on that! Never-the-less I think they turned out rad! He absolutely captured the vibe and look of the John Varvatos customer!

You will be seeing more of Jason, he was awesome to work with.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7 for all Mankind - Fun for a Boy and a Girl

7 for all Mankind is HOT this Summer!

Not only do they have amazing women's premium denim, Seven for all Mankind is one of the most sought after men's jeans line in the market.

You probably know by now but they have begun a "Lifestyle" line with both Men's and Women's fashions that include hot tops, summer shorts and tanks for the girls, and graphic v-neck and crew neck tees and RAD shorts for the boys.

The summer just got more fun! I love discount codes, but I love giving discount codes out even more!!

Enter: 7BB at checkout and receive

20% off all Men's and Women's 7 for all Mankind

until Monday June 14Th at 8am.

Happy Shopping!

Thank you to to managers and co-workers Jarrad and Jade for modeling for me!