Friday, August 7, 2009

The Alley - Horchata Wishes and Confetti Dreams

Leslie is wearing- Monrow, Ag Jeans, Converse. I am wearing - Rogan, necklace my Rad Sister in Law made me. Susie is wearing - James Perse, Da Nang.

The biggest celebration in Santa Barbara is Fiesta.

Due to the fact that we love confetti, fun, and hamming it up sometimes at Blue Bee,

We celebrated Fiesta in the Alley.

Leslie receives all merchandise for the Blue Bee stores

I am ME

Susie is the Manager at

and we are the Sherpas of Raddness!


Kristin said...

Fabulous shots!!

Kristin said...

Now I'm wondering if I said shots or shops. Oh well. Off for another much needed caffeine jolt.