Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grub - Pigging Out

I am wearing skinny jeans, and my favorite Fryes that I actually cut the top off to make them shorter. The boys are wearing Levis and deck boots.

Fiesta Starts on August 5th,

which means that Santa Barbara will be crazy for the next five days.

Before the whole town gets packed

we had a quiet family and friend dinner at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants.

The Pig on my Blur bag is a gift that my friend Cyndi gave me a long time ago, it still "oinks"

I am hoping that I will get some awesome shots of the celebration :)



CHICMUSE said...

love leather. gorgeous photos. and boots


cody said...

great pics!!

thx for the comment!



Lilee said...

for some reason the black and white gives it a vintage feel.. i like it

thatsorad said...

:) thanks dudes!

Rafe New York said...

great photos, that's not a Balenciaga bag though, is it?

thatsorad said...

Nope, a 4 year old Blur Bag :) The more I bang it up the better it looks!