Friday, August 7, 2009

!Viva La Siwy!

I left the Names on the photos so that you can reference back to them when they are available at Blue Bee.

Designed by fashionista MICHELLE SIWY
I can't wait for these vintage inspired pieces to hit the website!

Siwy has some amazing pieces Now and Later!

"Each piece is finished with hand-crafted labels made out of vintage feedsack cloth. Starting in the late eighteen forties through the mid twentieth century, feedsacks were an integral part of rural American life. Over time, they took on colorful graphics and patterns as advertising. Before it was ever fashionable, the patterned fabric from used feedsacks was recycled into garments and quilts by home-making women on the frontier. Today, Siwy utilizes this same idea to create a labeling system that ensures that each pair is a one-of-a kind, original piece of vintage Americana." - Siwy Denim

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