Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thinking Outside of the Garment Bag- Last Day of Summer Part 1

Do you remember the last day of summer before 4th grade?
On my son's last day of summer we took him ATV riding in the sand dunes of Pismo Beach. . . .

I borrowed a 450cc quad, Sal rode his 425cc bike and we rented Dylan a 125cc. It was on! Sal had the idea on Saturday afternoon.... the next day we were on our way. Needless to say we were all amped.

We grabbed some coffee and headed north to the sand at about 6:30 am this morning.

I love my pants. How hot would those look with some heals, black silk top and a furry jacket....HMMMM....Naw.... much better with a coffee stained hoody and combat boots don't ya think??

Sal took this photo. I love this photo because we were waiting for him to say "smile". The other photos are too posed. Dylan was in heaven. There were so many big trucks, bikes, trailers, flags, dune buggys, hummers a big huge playground for all of us.

This trip was not only for a fun family get away. It was to make awesome memories for Dylan to look back on. I did not take the camera on the dunes, although I wish I had because it was so beautiful. These shots will evoke memories of all of us concurring fear of big sand pits and hills, laughing, yelling, getting stuck, and riding together. Sometimes memories are better than any picture.

At about 4pm we were hungry, sandy, cold, thirsty, our thumbs were numb and we were completely happy. We were totally in the moment. It was truly a rad day for all of us.

I wonder if Dylan will write about this tomorrow when the teacher asks "what did you do this summer?"


The Photodiarist said...

Awesome story and pic. You pants are are rad. And your family is beautiful! Have a great week!!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg this looks so fun!!
i wanna be there too!!

Anonymous said...

loves this.

Anonymous said...

Cristi...can't go wrong with riding pants...this makes me want to jump on my motorcycle so bad!!!
also very partial to Yamaha's...