Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just for Show - "Disturbia"

Marty with Donna at the Rock & Republic Showroom during LA Market 8-09

Marty takes so much time and care in to buying only the best of the best. He is a mastermind when it comes to fashion. Not only with what is trendy but what looks amazing on.

I can not wait for Fall 09!

These shoes are for show, not to buy, but so HOT!!

Donna, an amazing rep! Super supportive of Blue Bee!

Donna our Rep. from Rock & Republic was awesome enough to allow me to pick her brain about the massively popular label.

It has definitely left me with my eyes wide open too!

1. What is the inspiration behind the Fall 09 collection?

Rock & Republic eases into Fall ’09 with eyes wide open. CEO and Creative Director, Michael Ball’s desire to discover and explore is exemplified in this collection that invites the voyeur within to come out from hiding.

“Disturbia” is about the unknown. Signatures are constant; second-skin denim, semi-sheer fabrics and super sexy silhouettes. But this collection also takes a step into the dark and explores the taboo.

Fall is curious, embracing change and exploring the adventurous and complex. With dresses that tie and bind amidst zips and buckles, leather-accented jersey blouses for a rough around the edges sexiness, and lethally dangerous, sky-high heels with spikes and studs that hurt so good, Rock &Republic presents a collection that translates exhibitionism into fashion.

Get in touch with something scary, something sexy, something disturbed.

3. What is super RAD fact about Rock & Republic that you guys as a company are humble about?

R&R is sold in over 86 countries world wide.

4. What is Rock & Republic's "Fashion Mission Statement?" How does that relate to the Jean's store?

One of the most successful fashion denim brands in the world and a dominant player in the luxury lifestyle market, Rock & Republic is synonymous with edgy, progressive design and an aesthetic inspired by the Rock & Roll lifestyle. With an emphasis on modern silhouettes, curve-conscious tailoring and innovative techniques, the global dominating brand prides itself as being on forefront of design by redefining boundaries in fashion and beyond.

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