Friday, August 7, 2009

Got Wang?

Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Belt

They are so AWESOME! I heard they are on back order everywhere else.

They are getting snatched up quick, beat the locals to it:

Alexander Wang Handbags


Elaine said...

GREAT bags.... Love the one with the studs on the bottom! And that is such a cool picture!

thatsorad said...

:) it was fun taking them

Francheska said...

0hhh mqn! so amazing!!!

and thank you for your advice on my picture problem!
I havnt ever used picasso before but i do have gmail and i will try it out! :)

Rafe New York said...

I think they look great but apparently they weigh a ton. I know someone who already needed a massage because after she put her stuff in the bag, it was like 8 pounds. I just don't believe in suffering for fashion...right? correct me if I'm wrong. I do love the look though.

thatsorad said...

Ha Ha, that is too funny! well the one with all of the studs on the bottom is fairly heavy. That is the bag to suffer for :)

The two shoppers are super light,(1,2,5)The Betty Flap Bag is small(6)and I would be surprized if it would drive someone to get a massage. I love your honist comment! Shows you care!

nycrun said...

nice details

cody said...

I <3 alexander wang...he is so great!!


The Starving Stylist said...